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First let me start off by introducing myself to you. I'm Paul Michaels the webmaster of the Pittsburgh Comicon, some of you may know me from the shows over the past years. You can feel free to ask Renee from the Comicon about me if you'd like.

Okay, let me start off by telling you what I want to do. I have a family Halloween Party every year ( SEE PHOTO'S HERE ) I'd like the invitations to be a comic book page, I can make into a postcard invitation to the party. And at some point in time have all the pages made into a Comic Book.

After getting a few artists to start pieces for me, I found out a few things:

  • I'd need a reproduction statement of some kind from each of the artist to have the pieces printed into postcards, comic books and a print if digitally colored. I'm thinking that 50 copies Limited Edition printed would be fine, but now if I send the entire list of artist that helped a copy also I might need to make this 75 or 100 depending on how many paintings I put into the comic book. Also, make sure that the image you do for me I can have printed, and isn't owned/copyrighted by a publishing company, it is your own work.

  • I'd like a certificate of authenticity or a letter from the artists that it is indeed their work because I'd like to have all the final pages framed with an engraved name tag and sealed with certificates into the works of art. At least behind them so my great, great, great, great, grand children could open the frames and find the certificates behind them in the future. And they wouldn't need to visit the Antiques Road Show of the future to find out who the artist was.

  • I would ask that each artist provide a high retail value appraisal certificate for insurance purposes. This is generally about double what the commission work charges and will help me get reimbursed if God forbid down the line I suffer a loss from a fire, water, etc.


  1. Halloween Party
  2. Trick or Treat theme to my house
  3. Halloween Theme you like
  4. Anything Halloween!
  5. Or all the above, artists know better what they can do than me.

Artist Dan Parent is designing me the following piece:
Dan made a Halloween Themed Archie and the gang painting for me. For the project, he did a PopTate's Halloween Party theme. Josie and Sabrina in the background. Jughead's head on the platter, and Sabrina turning Reggie into a frog. My wife and I dancing in the background. Just a great piece!

click to see larger image
"Pop's Halloween Bash!" by Dan Parent
Orginal Art is 14x17 and Color is in Maker.
Click image for larger view.

Artist Ed Beard, Jr. is designing me the following two pieces: Ed's pieces are a little more than the above scope, because they will include a special element my brother Bill that passed away in 2004. Bill loved Dragon's, Comics and Unicorns. So, Ed is making two pieces that will be a special to decade to my brother. The first piece will be my brother with a dragon, and the second piece will be a seine in the Theater Room (I'm hoping to make) hopefully started after the first piece is done. This is Ed's themes of the pictures:

Ed is currently doing a painting of my brother with a dragon, as special gift for my parents. The draft BW is below (ha the draft is a work of art by itself I Love IT!), it will be finished sometime in 2012.

click to see larger image
Click image for larger view.

Also the second painting would be:

As for the folks in the seats, I like the idea of having them in costumes for Halloween. I would have your brother in a Knight costume having removed his helmet and looking at the dragon that could appear to be not so happy about a dragon slaying knight in the theater. The dragons face would be subtle but perturbed. The Dragon would have come to this theater because he saw the Halloween characters and monsters and thought they were real and friends of his.

Artist Jay E Fife is designing me the following piece:
Jay is making a Vampire Girl painting for me. Third Draft is below.

click to see larger image
"Vampire Girl" by Jay E. Fife
Third Draft and almost done.
Click image for larger view.

Artist Josh C. Lyman got the following piece:
Josh did a great job on this, I have the orginal Pencil/Inking and Color Print. I still plan on Josh making a special piece for my collection also.

click to see larger image
"Moonlight Meeting" by Josh C. Lyman
Penciling/Inking 11x17 with Digital Coloring 12x18.
Click image for larger view.

(Halloween Party Invitation 2011)

Artist Kristoffer A. Smith designed the following piece:
Kristoffer made this Awesome Trick-or-Treat comic strip to my house. This is the way it is on Halloween night, my wife sits at the end of the porch, the kids are looking at her for the candy, and I pop out of the door and yell "Happy Halloween" love it the kids and adults SCREAM and RUN! Gotta Love Halloween, only day I can make kids cry and get away with it!

click to see larger image
Stauffie Stauff... presents "A Trick-or-Treat Special"
Penciling 11x17 with Digital Inking and Coloring.
Click image for larger view.

Artist Michael Easton is designing the following piece:
Michael will be doing a Creature from the Black Lagoon painting for me.

NO IDEA on what type of picture he did yet haven't got it yet,
but here is the Creature classic!

Artist Mike Bocianowski designed me the following piece:
Mike did the below inking for me with his YETS dragons and fit into an 18x24 frame. The final version was in digital color. It has a great Halloween theme, how many dragons have you seen Trick-or-Treating?

click to see larger image
"YET Some Tricks And Treats!" by Mike Bocianowski
Orginal Inking is 18x24 and Final in Digital Color also.
Click image for larger view.

Artist Mike Okamoto has already designed the cover piece for me:
Mike did a great job on this piece, I just love it! It has my wife and I dressed as the Adams Family with my house in the back ground, with my wife as Morticia and myself as Gomez Adams. You can see it below.

click to see larger image
"Tales of Halloween" by Mike Okamoto
Orginal (2) Inkings are 12x13½ and 8x4 with Digital Color
Click image for larger view.

(Halloween Party Invitation 2010)

Artist Pat Block Designing me the following piece:
Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck, Donald Duck's nephews. This was Pat's theme of the picture:
I'd prefer a "single image" type of painting over a multiple panel deal. Dressing the kids in Halloween costumes is always a cute idea.

Artist Rob Jones made me the following piece:
Rob just finished the digital color on his piece, I think it turned out great! She's a sexy little monster even Frankenstien's Monster would be Howling at the Moon!

click to see larger image
"The Bride" by Rob Jones
Orginal Inking is 11x17 with Digital Color
Click image for larger view.

Artist Tod A. Smith Tod designed the did following piece:

click to see larger image
Wicked Witch and flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz by Tod A. Smith
Click image for larger view.

Artist Todd N. Kennedy Todd a great Horror artist will be designing me a piece he is working on a few ideas and should have something for me to look at soon. Keep Posted:

Artist Travis Miller Travis said he'd be designing the following piece:
Kids coming to my house, I jump out at them, me dressed as a scarecrow, I take thier candy they drop and as I turn around to walk into the house my family jumps out and scares me!

If you are able to do something like this please contact me, my contact info is below. Please know I don't have alot of money to do these projects, but I will work with you on payment. Please let me know how much it would cost me, and if I can make a payment schedule to pay you. Because I can only get one or two at a time, till they are all paid for. Hey I'm also a webmaster so if you need website stuff done maybe I can work it off :)

Thanks for taking the time to read my little request.

Paul Michaels
606 Park Avenue
Johnstown, PA 15902-2704
(814) 242-6256 (cell)

Or contact me on Facebook.
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